• September 26th, 2018
  • Emotion
  • The Dynamite Dyslexic

Want to knwo (how I first wrote know wituot speel check!) how it feels to be dsylexic???? I cried when I first saw this  mind-blowing (for me -literally) video in my research for the original concept SuperSticKeyMusic. And again as I mde up this Bett website. Go full screen and discover how the dance makes me rejocie to be me, and then cry too in a world of the written word! As did this susnset picture in France on our 6,000 miles campervan trip Europe with Super Sally aka Dizzy Dyspraxia. Why? Because life as a Dyslexic is like living in a sunset with the world spinning round and life going down not up!


The Dynamite Dyslexic

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