5 Year Plan!

The Dynamite Dyslexic Writes:

We started with EMOJI-GO! PLAY MUSIC! It’s the first of our EMOJI-GO-LEARN! developments  we’re working on to create the EMOJI-GO-LEARN! Hi 5 Suite of Learning, Loving  and Lifetime Memory Makers. EMOJI in Japanese means E = Picture and MOJI = Character. Add the two together and you have the ‘Smileys’ and Emoji Characters and Symbols that get sent SIX BILLION TIMES A DAY! Why? Because a picture tells a thousand words and expresses human emotion in an instant.

We’ve built EMOJI-GO-LEARN! tools and technology around the principles of Multi-Modal, Multi-Sensory and critically Multi-Magical ways of learning.

Here’s What’s Here and What’s Coming!

The EMOJI-GO! Hi 5 Me!


EMOJI-GO! Music Making for Every Age, Every Ability, Everywhere! After 3 years of development and and lifetime of frustration it’s here. Well, the Beta version is here. The Dynamite Dyslexic created the Patent to ‘clarify my thinking’ and get it all out – for teachers and learners everywhere of every ability –  the power of a Multi-Modal, Multi-Sensory and most importantly a Multi-Magical way of teaching music. And even MORE IMPORTANT – whether or not you want to teach or learn the EMOJI-GO! way of playing, reading, singing music then at the very least discover two things

1/ Recognise that EVERYBODY of every ability finds music making difficult and even MORE DIFFICULT if you have difficulties!

2/ Have it FOR FREE! O.L.L.I.E‘s Over-Learning-Locked-In-Exercises. Your FREE Over-Lay of the Emojical SuperStaff and FabTabs  for Fast, Fun, Difficulty Friendly Spectrum and Emoji-Coded Coloured ABCDna Song Sheet Overlay.



EMOJI-GO! EA-ZY! SpellPad! The Multi-Sensory SpellPad that’s has the unique Musical Spelling, Emoji Motivational, Logical Layout, Alphabetical Finger Finder and Muscle Memory Maker. And it delivers our  5A’s Mission – Always Age, Aptitude, Ability Accessible.  It’s THE Text Pad for Smart Phones and Text Key Pad that teaches how to spell – fast! How? With the EMOJI-GO! method of  Sight ‘n Sound, Say ‘n Sing, Speed ‘n Spell all in one. Learning how to spell made fun, fast, easy and so memorable on the World’s Fastest GO! EA-ZY! Smart Phone KeyPad. We hope to have the Patent Application and Beta EA-ZY-GO-SPELL! Book out for Bett!


The EMOJI-GO! EA-ZY! Smart Phone KeyPad.  Much, much more than just a SpellPad. It’s the World’s Fastest, Most Fun, Easiest way to text, txt and type one- handed (or thumbs) EVER!


EMOJI-GO-SPEED! The World’s First and Fastest and Funnest Ever ALPHA-MOJI-BET KEYBOARD!  Much, much more than just the World’s Fastest


EMOJI-GO-LANGUAGES! Learn a new language the EMOJI-GO-WAY! Coming soon – we hope!