2 Keys

The F.A.S.T! way to learn how JUST TWO KEYS!  So I can play Any Key, Anywhere, Anytime. Really???

Jazzy Says – Everybody thinks that JAZZ is SO COMPLICATED. Yep! It is! But the funny thing is it is lots of SIMPLE STEPS added together that make it so COOL! And there are ONLY TWO KEYS that you need to know in music to get you going Major and Minor. So I just want to show you how And there are ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS that will keep you going – forever. What are they?

Well lets look at Major Keys first. They ALL have ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS to get your Muscle Memory and your Music Memory going. That’s 3/4 and 7/8. Funny that, but these simple ratios , fractions or better still SIMPLE FORMULA are all it takes. Because 3/4 of the way up a Scale you MUST play two notes ‘stick’ next to each other. In the Key of C – that’s on the White Notes on the keyboard, its’ the E and F that are STUCK RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! It’s the same with 7/8……. The B and C are STUCK RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! So if you learn any scale as two halves of ….. 1 2 3/4  and …. 5 6 7/8 … then that’s it! And everything else will follow. Your Muscle Memory and Music Memory will follow your FINGERS!

What about the Minor Keys? Well, it’s AMAZINGLY the same SIMPLE FORMULA . They ALL have the ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS to get your Muscle Memory and your Music Memory going.That’s 2/3 and 5/6. That’s because the Minor key uses EXACTLY THE SAME NOTES AS THE MAJOR KEY – just three notes lower. So they have to be the same ones next to each other. Just this time the Minor Key like A Minor has B and C that are STUCK and E and F are STUCK. Here they come STUCK after the main root note of A.

Here’s the thing. All the other ways of playing what are called MODES which we call MOODS use the SAME NOTES STUCK TOGETHER!  You just start on a different ‘root’ note to give it a different feel. And we have made every Mode ‘n Mood an Emoji Smiley to help you learn how and what to Play. The rest as they say…will be (your) HISTORY!

And our goal has been to make everything like 1234….. as SIMPLE as we can make it. And F.A.S.T! Fun Accessible Simple Teachable! Because even Music Teachers say how HARD it is!