FAQ’s & NN-FAQ’s

These would be Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s if they were asked frequently – BUT THEY ARE NOT!!! It’s new. So here goes!

Some of these below are FAQ’s about EMOJIS or Music but most are Not or even Never Frequently Asked Questions – NN-FAQ’s.

  1. woty-emoji-bannerFAQ – What does EMOJI mean? This is not the same are ‘What are EMOJIS?’ Why? Because (nearly) everybody (with a smart phone) or see them in ads or even movies, knows WHAT are EMOJIS. Really? Yep! FYI – there are 6 BILLION EMOJIS sent every day, in every language. They are universal and universally understood and known, and loved, and exchanged between friends, family, work, play and most every type of communication. What EMOJIS MEANS is split into two parts: E in Japanese = Picture = as in something in a frame. MOJI = Character = in icon, face, emotion e.g. Happy, Face with tears of Joy, and thing. Here’s an ABCDEFG example (that happens to be the core of EMOJI-GO! Music.: EMOJI Apple, Boy, Clapping Hands, Dog, Eye, Flower, Girl. Here’s the link to the global use and power of EMOJIS by videos on EMOJI-GO-YouTube!
  2. FAQ Are EMOJIS the same as Emoticons? EMOJIS are NOT Emoticons, even though it sounds the same and does much the same thing – but Emoticons do it in a much more limited way. 🙂 is an emoticon made from keyboard characters.
  3. FAQ Can EMOJIS be used to help LEARN as well as just to communicate? You bet! Here’s how says The Conversation  EMOJIS are the basis of EMOJI-GO! Learning – The HAPPY FAMILY bring meaning to the 7 (complex, off-putting Greek names, confusing) Modes. The AlphMojiBet you’ve already met with ABCDEFG
  4. NN-FAQ How do EMOJIS in EMOJI-GO! Music help with Multi-Modal learning? The EMOJI-GO! Learning method uses FIVE ways to help anyone (not just kids) to learn the Musical Alphabet by linking any or all of the EMOJI-GO! Hi-5 Multi-Modals see Patent LINK i.e.
    1. LETTERS A to G used in an ‘AlphMojiBet’
    2. COLOURS of the Rainbow/Spectrum linked to Letters i.e. A = Red B=Orange etc.,
    3. EMOJI CHARACTERS linking the Letters and Colours i.e. . A = Red Apple B=Orange Hair Boy etc.
    4. LINES & SPACES All of the above: EMOJI Characters linking the Letters and Colours to graphic designs showing the Lines and Spaces on the ABCDEFG icons depending on where they are on the Scale i.e. Middle C is on a line. Top C is in a Space. These are then graphically also depicted as higher or lower on the Keyboard SticKey notes
    5. VELCRO ‘RUFFY & FLUFFY’ COINS. All of the above: are then further enhanced with Kinaesthetic LearninG using the Velcro ‘coins’ for 1/ everyone to add touch and feel to the leraning equation and 2/ people with visual difficulties and disabilites to be able to find keys and also sharps and flats in different key signatures.
  5. NN-FAQ How do EMOJIS in EMOJI-GO! Music help with Multi-Sensory learning? Adding to the multi-modal approach above comes the awesome power of learning music as a ‘whole brain activity’. We use sight, sound, movement, touch & feel and can sing, say and play all adding to the multi-sensory way of learning music.
  6. NN-FAQ Can ANYONE benefit from learning music. YES! Everyone – especially, not even, those with learning or other of life’s visual, physical or mental difficulites. Music is a universal language and also a universal method of helping and even healing. Here’s Harvard LINK on the power of music to heal. Not just listening but playing too is VITAL! See the many GO-YouTube videos.
  7. FAQ Does the Patent have something REALLY special not just for the system itself? Yep! It’s the ONLY one of over 500 Global Patents or listed attempts to overcome the ‘6 inherent difficulties’ faced by EVERYONE but only ONE single (passing) mention of any of the Learning Difficulties – dyslexia – or Visual or other Disabilities EXCEPT music Braille. Here’s the LINK to the 25,000 words!
  8. Will you be posting more questions after the BETT Show so you know what are FAQ’s? Yes!