D.O.L.I.I.E DYSPRAXIA EMOJI-GO! Head of Testing at work!

1,000 Years old and?????

Does it need to change? 500 Patents and attempts say YES!!! But NONE feature anything about Learning and Life’s Difficulties and Disabilities – only how Dastardly Difficult it is for EVERYBODY!!!  Read on… Be warned (or overjoyed if you love learning about this)…it’s long. But not as long as the Patent at 25,000 words! And if, like us at Emoji-Go! Manic Central including D.O.L.L.I.E Dyspraxia ( smiling at us from above – stands for Director Of Over-Learning and Locked-In Exercises – not that we are being paid!) a.k.a. Jackie Hobbs then you’ll KNOW we need something different to make music work….ANYTHING!

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The Dynamite Dyslexic

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